Thursday, December 13, 2012

Princess Alice is dying

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 December 13, 1878

Further bulletins have been released concerning the condition of the Grand Duchess of Hesse.  Her fever has increased "and the swelling having reached the larynx."

A bulletin was released at 10:30 pm., from Darmstadt.  "The Princess Alice is unconscious; pulse 140 a minute, inhaling ceased."

This announcement conflicted an earlier bulletin from Sir William Jenner.
At 6 p/m., he sent a telegraph at 6 p.m., stating that the Grand Duchess had "rallied much." One hour later, a bulletin said that "her strength had diminished during the afternoon."

The 6 p.m. bulletin from Sir William, which was received at Marlborough House states in full: "The Grand Duchess has rallied much.  Her pulse has more power and is not more frequent.  She has improved.  Her Royal Highness takes nourishment freely, and is in a more favorable state altogether."

Earlier in the day, one of the bulletins issued from Darmstadt stated that the "condition of the Grand Duchess of Hesse continues to be such as to cause great anxiety."

Queen Victoria is indisposed at Windsor.  The annual "special service," at the Royal Mausoleum tomorrow in honor of the late Prince Consort has been postponed.

The Prince and Princess of Wales and Prince Leopold left London this evening to visit the Queen and will stay with her tonight.

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