Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A new American Princess

December 12, 1916

It appears that all of opposition to the marriage of Prince Alfred of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst and Miss Catherine Britton has abated.  Prince Alfred, former attache to the Austro-Hungarian embassy in Washington, D.C., will marry his American sweetheart, Catherine Britton later this week in Washington, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Austrian diplomatic officials were so opposed to Prince Alfred's courtship that he was "temporarily detached from the embassy" and sent on a trip to California.''

But of course absence made Alfred's heart grow even fonder for Miss Britton, and she has agreed to be his wife.  He recently returned from California to make the "detailed arrangements" for the wedding.

It is understood that no member of the embassy staff will be present for the wedding.  It is expected that the the couple will be married in "the presence of a small company."

The Prince as already declared his intention" of "braving the disfavor of his family," and may even become an American.  He is "exceedingly democratic," and enjoys the "freedom of the United States."

Over a year, Miss Britton traveled to France with a friend, to work in an allied hospital.  Her affection for her Austrian prince "has changed to her sympathies," and she is now "decidedly pro-German."

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