Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lia Lambrino fudging her age

Lia Lambrino, the wife of Paul Lambrino, has knocked a few years off her age, it seems ..

this article states that Lia is 58 years old.   The American-born Lia Triff IS NOT 58 years old.  She was born on February 23, 1949.  She graduated from the University of Maryland in 1972 shortly before her marriage to noted torts lawyer Melvin Belli.

Lia Lambrino will celebrate her 64th birthday in February ....


juan said...

Well, Lia Lambrino is not Lambrino anymore. Her husband is Paul Hohenzollern, he was recognised as King Caroll´s grandson by Roumanian Courts, maybe he is not a Prince but he is legally a Hohenzollern.
In Spain Leandro Ruiz Moragas was recognised by Spanish Courts as King Alfonso XIII´s son and now he is legally Leandro of Borbon but he is not an Infante of Spain or Royal Family´s member.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Being recognized as Carol II's grandson does not mean that Paul is entitled to the surname Hohenzollern, as this is not the family's surname. His father was recognized as a legitimate heir to property in France and Portugal. No court decision has ever established titles or surnames ... it has all been pretense.

juan said...

I don´t like Paul Hohenzollern, I think he is stupid, as his wife is, they are looking for notoriety, but justice is for everybody the same.
In 1955 a Portuguese court recognized to Carol Mircea Lambrino as Carol II´s son, later this was confirmed by a Parisian court. The court rulings allowed him to bear the surname Hohenzollern and inherit a portion of his father's properties, but did not confer him any dynastic rights to the defunct Romanian throne or rights to bear a princely title and style, despite his use of both. In October 1995, a similar Romanian court ruling recognized that he was legitimate son of Carol II, allowing him the right to bear the surname "al României"´, "of Roumania"
Carol Mircea´s son is not Paul Lambrino, he is legally Paul Hohenzollern, because that was his granfather´s surname, it hasn´t all been pretense.
I think the Roumanian royal family and Roumanian courts made a big mistake in 1919 when declared ilegal Prince Carol´s marriage to Zizi Lambrino. They should just declare that children born of that union shouln´t have rights to the Throne, they should arrange the problem in the beginning, now it is too late because that King Michael has problems with his nephew.
I sympathize with the king michael and his family but we are in the 21st century and nowadays the children born out of wedlock have the same rights that born in the marriage and they can take the surname of his parents, Paul Lambrino is legally Paul Hohenzollern.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The French and Portuguese courts did not rule on the names, just on Mircea's right as a co-heir to properties in those countries. After these decision, Mircea (who was raised with the name Lambrino, his mother's surname, as he was born after the divorce) adopted the title HRH PRince Carol of ROmania, which has never been recognized by anyone who matters. Hohenzollern has NEVER been the surname of the Romanian Royal family. Paul now uses HRH Prince Paul, although he is not entitled to this - and most people do not recognize the title ...Carol II never acknowledged Mircea, and the most recent law case only focused on Carol II's property in Romania, and Michael has no interest in that. Michael has already received Sinaia because that property was passed from Ferdinand to Michael. Carol II never owned it, so Paul cannot claim it.