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Marie Louise of Orleans weds American

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December 12, 1928

Princess Marie Louise of Orleans and Walter P. Kingsland Jr. were married today at St. Richard's Church in Chichester, England, despite rumors that "efforts were being made to prevent the marriage" between a French princess and a commoner, according to reports by the Chicago Daily Tribune and the Associated Press.

The princess issued a statement, which said that her parents were "reconciled" to the marriage. The Duke, who has been ill, sent a representative to the wedding ceremony. Marie Louise feared "that overzealous royalists might attempt to prevent the marriage."

Princess Marie Louise received police protection at her home last night. She had lived in a cottage in the "lonely countryside of West Sussex" for more than a year.

According to the New York Times, "every entrance to the moss-covered church was guarded by police."  Inside, detectives were on watch inside the church.
The simple wedding ceremony took place in the small Roman Catholic church. There were no music or wedding bells, as the princess is still in mourning for the death of her sister, Princess Sophie.

Fifty people were in the congregation and all were admitted by ticket, although there were only eight invited guests. Even the bridegroom had to show a ticket to be admitted to the church.

The princess wore a "brown dress and a brown cloth coat trimmed with fox fur." She also wore a brown hat, three ropes of pearls, and a "large spray of mauve orchids."

After Walter Kingsland repeated: "I take thee, Marie Louise, Princess of Orleans, to be my wedded wife," he placed on her finger a silver and gold ring that had been passed down "through the royal families of France."

A reception was held at the bride's home, and afterward, they left for their honeymoon in London.

This is the bride's second marriage. In 1916, Princess Marie Louise married Prince Filippo of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies. A year later, the princess gave birth to the couple's only child., Prince Gaetano. The marriage was annulled in 1925.

The groom is described as a "wealthy New Yorker and Parisian."
He is the son of Walter F. Kingsland, who has lived in Paris for a number and maintains a home on the Avenue Bois de Boulogne.

Princess Marie Louise's father, the Duke of Vendome, was unable to attend the wedding due to illness.

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