Tuesday, October 11, 2011

White Russians believe Czar will be restored

October 11, 1941

Prominent members of Paris' White Russian colony believe that Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovitch, 24, "may be called" to the Russian throne," reports the New York Times.

They are basing their facts that Wladimir has traveled twice in the last few weeks from his home in Brittany to Paris, where he has conferred at "length with the colony's leaders."

During his time in Paris, the Grand Duke stayed at the Hotel Lancaster, which is "well patronized also by highly placed Germans."    It appears possible, "according to his compatriots and possible subjects," that the meetings have included the Germans as well.

Grand Duke Wladimir has not spoken publicly, avoiding reporters, as he does not want to confirm or deny reports on "plans to ascend" the Russian throne.

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