Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Greek King gets good news!

October 11, 1935

King George II of the Hellenes received very good news today.  The Greek Minister in London, Charalambos Simopoulos, "officially informed" George that "his throne had been restored to him."   The Minister, with the official instructions from the Greek government, called on George II at his London hotel to inform him  of the "resolutions adopted by the Greek Parliament."  He also passed on the "respects of the Greek government."

George II "received the news with great emotion." He said he looked forward to returning home and he "told of his wishes for the renewed prosperity if his country."

It is expected that the king's younger brother, Prince Paul, will precede him "to put the royal palace in order and make the necessary preparations" for George's return after a twelve-year exile.  The King is said to be "both amused and annoyed at suggestions that he will make a dramatic return by airplane."

Earlier this year, the King's marriage to Princess Elisabeta of Romania was dissolved by divorce.   She has returned to Romania to live.

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