Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Georgian royal birth: not everyone is happy

Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky has issued a statement regarding the status of his new grandson, Giorgi, and his two granddaughters, Irina and Miriam.

In 2001,  Nugzar's elder daughter, Anna, married Grigorly Malania, a Georgian architect, who is a descendant of the last king of Georgia, George XII through his mother.    Nugzar, who considers himself as the rightful heir to the former Georgian throne, gave his son-in-law the title of Prince.   In 2003, Anna gave birth to Irina.  Miriam was born four years later.  They have the surname Bagration-Gruzinsky, and are considered by their grandfather to be dynasts.

Anna and her first husband were divorced shortly after Miriam's birth.  The two girls now live with their maternal grandparents as their father will not permit them to live in Spain with Anna and her second husband, Prince David Bragration Mukhransky.

Prince Nugzar did not say if the marriage between his elder daughter and Prince David was an arrangement match.  But he did acknowledge that the wedding was scheduled to take place in April 2009, but the Georgian Patriarch  asked the family to move the wedding forward to February, due to Georgia's political situation.

The marriage did take in February 2009, but the couple separated six week later largely due to what Prince Nugzar describes as Davids bad behavior. 

The couple have reconciled, and they moved to Spain in November 2010.  They were married in a civil ceremony in Spain. 

According to Prince Nugzar,  the marriage contract between Princess Anna and Prince David was never finalized as Prince David would not renounce his rights to the throne.  Thus, according to Prince Nugzar,  his infant grandson is not a Bagration-Gruzinsky, but belongs to the Mukhransky branch only.


David said...

As I can guess prince David refuses to obey terms of the head of the Royal House of Georgia ? Why ?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Because Prince David believes he is the head of the house.