Friday, October 14, 2011

Nicholas not happy with cousin Kirill

October 14, 1905

Grand Duke Kirill of Russia has been summoned home from Germany "to receive the full weight of the imperial displeasure" due to his marriage to Grand Duchess Victoria of Hesse, a divorcee, according to a New York Times report.

The couple were recently married in Munich.    Kirill will be "deprived of his rank as aide de camp" to Nicholas II, and "of his commission in the army, of is uniform, his orders, and other honors, and will be exiled from Russia."

The punishment meted out on the Grand Duke is is more severe than what Grand Dukes Paul and Michael received at the time of their morganatic marriages.  Kirill not only defied his Emperor's command to not marry, he also broke "canonical laws in marrying a divorced woman and his first cousin."   Grand Duchess Victoria is a first cousin to the Emperor and his wife, Alexandra, and she was married to Alexandra's brother, the Grand Duke of Hesse and By Rhine.

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