Monday, October 24, 2011

King Michael to speak before Romanian parliament

For the first time since 1947, King Michael will speak to the Romanian parliament tomorrow - Tuesday -- on the occasion of his 90th  birthday!

A number of members of Parliament as well as the Prime Minister Traian Basescu will not attend  the speech.  Basescu has said that Michael's decision to abdicate was "an act of betrayal," that he was a "Russian servant," and a "ex-king."

Memo to Romanian Prime  Minister:  your history is a little shaky.  Michael was hardly a servant of the Russians.  When he singlehandedly overthrough Ion Antonescu and his fascist regime, he brought Romania onto the side of the Allies in the last world war.  But that meant, Romania would have to welcome Soviet soldiers, not Americans or British.  The Allies had already decided that the Balkans would be in the Soviet sphere of influence.  At no time did Michael ever desire the Soviets.

As for the abdication:  it is really difficult to fight when Communists have a gun to your head, and have brought their troops to surround the palace. The abdication was not voluntary.