Thursday, July 28, 2011

Princess Mary does the fox trot at an East End Ball

July 28, 1921

Princess Mary, the only daughter of King George V, is "vieing" with her brother, the Prince of Wales "in surprising Londoners with her informality."

According to the United News Service, the princess' "latest gentle escapade" was to appear "suddenly at a workmen's club in the East End district during a dance."

The princess, choosing her partners from the "ranks of the workers," danced for two more two hours.  Her first partner, Dennis Taylor, a former soldiers, was her first partner.  She also danced with four other young men.

Taylor told a reporter afterwards:  "I was thunderstruck when I found that the princess was my partner.  I would rather have faced a battery with my old machine gun.  But she talked and danced my nervousness away."

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