Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh dear the story gets even murkier

I don't know a lot about South African newspapers, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy in the City News, said to be that country's third largest selling newspapers.   The website does not give the impression of being a tabloid, let alone a sensational, salacious, scandal-seeking rag.

Today's paper includes an article titled "Kiss of death for fairytale?"  

This article is largely about Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's aborted honeymoon in Durban, South Africa.  The Zimbawe-born princess was raised in Benoni, a Johannesburg suburb, and was a member of South Africa's 2000 Olympic swim team.

The couple held a reception for members of Charlene's family, who were unable to attend the Monaco wedding, friends and dignitaries.  The reception was held at the "swanky" Oyster Box Hotel in  Umhlanga Rocks, north of Durban.   

Newspapers reported that the prince and princess would be staying in the hotel's Presidential Suite.  But a hotel spokeswoman, Joanne Hayes, confirmed that the Princess stayed in the Buthelezi suit, and Prince Albert stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Durban, a ten mile distance.

The newlyweds also met with South African president Jacob Zuma.  They arrived in the same car, but left separately.  (Perhaps Charlene had a separate engagement afterwards?)

The honeymoon was cut short on Friday.  "Urgent business" in Monaco was given the reason for the couple's early departure from South Africa.  Palace officials have confirmed that Prince Albert will take a DNA test to see if he is the father of at least one more illegitimate child. 


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