Monday, July 11, 2011

Duchess of Albany to remarry!

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July 11,  1901

The Chicago Daily Tribune is reporting that an "announcement will soon be made of the betrothal" of the Duchess of Albany, widow of Queen Victoria's youngest son, Prince Leopold, and Earl of  Rosebery.   This news will not come as a surprise as the Duchess and the former Premier would "have married several years but for  the opposition of the Queen to second marriages."   They have been "lovers for years."  Several months ago there were reports that they were "secretly married."

The Duchess, the former Princess Helene of Waldeck und Pyrmont, has been a widow since 1884, when her husband, Prince Leopold died, following a fall in Cannes.  Since then, her life has "been devoted to her two children," Princess Alice, and the present Duke of Albany, 17.

Lord Rosebery is 54 years old, and is fourteen years older than the Duchess.  His wife, Hannah Rothschild, died in 1890.