Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carol proclaims himself king; awaits call to Romania

July 21, 1927

News sources, including the New York Times, are reporting that former Crown Prince Carol of Romania has "proclaimed himself King."   After being "refused admittance" to Carol's Neuilly villa, the New York Times' reporter telephoned the Crown Prince's home.   A man answered the phone, claiming to be Carol's secretary, but, in fact, the voice on the other end was Carol himself.   The reporter asked if the Prince was ready to make a statement.  The responses were very discreet.

"Will Your Royal Highness tell me." the reporter asked in French.  Carol responded, also in French, "I now call myself 'Majesty.'

The New York Times corresponded noted that this was "certainly the first time in history that a King had ever announced over the telephone that he was King.

Later today, the New York Times received a written announcement, where Carol confirmed the conversation:
"King Carol of Rumania, grievously suffering because of the loss of his father, to whom he was most affectionately devoted, and profoundly moved in his devotion to the dead sovereign, regrets he cannot at present make any communication to the press. He cannot at present formulate the declaration which should be made in the present situation."

Carol has also sent telegrams to members of his family in Bucharest, "expressing his desire to come and be present" at the funeral of his late father, King Ferdinand. He has not received a response.

He will remain in Paris if the Romanian government and the Court allow him to come to Bucharest to attend the funeral.   Carol has alternative plans to attend a memorial service in Paris for the late king, which will be held at the same time as the funeral in Bucharest.

Carol's supporters believe that the Regency will be short-lived and he will be called back as King. 

"They will have to send for me.  Bratiano is not strong enough now to hold down the situation for fourteen years -- he isn't now. I have only to wait."  He added: "I am patient because there is not the slightest doubt about my coming back to Rumania, called there by the nation as its legitimate sovereign."

Carol lives in a villa in Neuilly with his companion, Elena Lupescu.

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