Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh a duel!

July 7, 1901

The Chicago Daily Tribune reports today on dispatches from Rome regarding a duel between the Duke of Aosta, heir to the Italian throne, with "a member of the Russian reigning family."  The duel came about after Duke Eugen of Leuchtenberg allegedly made a "slighting remark" about Queen Elena.

King Victor Emmanuel requested the Duke of Aosta to challenge Duke Eugen, as he, "as King, not be able to do so."  The duel, according to the dispatch, "has restored good feeling between the King and heir to the throne."

Hmmm, what would the King have felt if the Duke of Aosta had not survived the duel?  After all, it would have been one way to eliminate the troublesome heir presumptive, leaving the ambitious Duchess of Aosta as a widow,  and mother of the heir presumptive.

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