Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna is near death

July 5, 1911

Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna is near death from an "inflammation of the larynx," reports the New York Times.  The Grand Duchess, who is the oldest member of the Russian Imperial Family, has been "suffering from chronic inflammation of the kidneys," and several days ago, she developed a "severe inflammation of the larynx."

According to an official bulletin released earlier today, the Grand Duchess' heart was described as "very weak," and her condition is said to be "extremely grave with a high temperature and a bad pulse."

Alexandra Iosifovna was born Princess Alexandra Friederike Henriette of Saxe-Altenburg in 1830, the fifth daughter of Joseph, Duke of Saxe-Altenberg and Duchess Amelie of Württember..  She was married in 1848 to Grand Duke Constantine Nicolaivitch, a great-uncle of Emperor Nicholas II.   Alexandra's eldest sister, Marie, was married to King Georg V of Hanover.

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