Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Marie Auguste gets custody of son

July 27, 1921

A Common Court in Berlin ruled today that the House of Hohenzollern's laws, "under which the former Kaiser ruled," are no longer valid, according to the New York Times.  The court awarded custody of the minor Prince Karl Franz Joseph of Prussia, to his mother, Princess Marie Auguste, widow of the late Prince Joachim, who committed suicide one year ago.

Prince Eitel Friedrich, the former Kaiser's second son and "legal head" of the family, "claimed the right to dispose of life and limb in the Hohenzollern family."  The court has refused to recognize this argument.   The Prince "then claimed the right" to keep his nephew, alleging that Princess Joachim "was not a fit mother.  He argued that she had run away from her husband and child, and, "it was rumored, not alone."

Princess Joachim was also in court. She appeared heartbroken and shattered, "which won the case for her.

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