Monday, November 8, 2010

Bavaria declared a republic

November 9, 1981

A decree was passed today at the sitting of the Diet Palace that ended the Wittelsbach dynasty in Bavaria, according to a dispatch from Munich, Baviara.  The New York Times also reports that another dispatch says that a "republic was proclaimed in Bavaria at the conclusion of a great popular meeting."
At the invitation of the Socialist party, a large crowd gathered, listening to "fiery speeches," and "adopted a resolution demanding the abdication of the King, renunciation of right of succession by the Crown Prince, introduction of a democratic regime in Germany, no future wars except for national defense,  social reforms, and an eight-hour workday.
The Wittelsbach dynasty has ruled Bavaria since 1080, when "the domain was transferred by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa from Henry the Lion to Count Otho Wittelsbach."
The present king of Bavaria is Ludwig III, who became regent after the death of his father, Prince Luitpold.  He was proclaimed king on November 5, 1913, after his cousin, King Otto, was declared "incapable of ruling because of mental infirmity."
Ludwig is married to Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria.  His eldest son, Rupprecht, is the Crown Prince.   A widower with two young son, Crown Prince Rupprecht recently became engaged to Princess Antonia of Luxembourg, younger sister of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

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