Thursday, April 29, 2010

Victor Napoleon suffers stroke

April 29, 1926

Prince Victor Napoleon, who is the Bonapartist pretender to the French throne, is in serious condition in Brussels after suffering a stroke last night. The New York Times reports that there are "fears for his life."
Prince Victor, 64, born at Meudon, near Paris, in 1862. He is a descendant of Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia, a younger brother of the "great Emperor." He married in 1910 to Princess Clementine, the youngest daughter of King Leopold III. They have a son Prince Louis, aged 12.
if Prince Victor should die, "as did Duke Philippe of Orleans recently," the "two future hopes of the former reigning families of France," will be represented by young boys. Eighteen-year-old Prince Henri is the heir of the present head of the royal house, the Duke of Guise.

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