Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carol leaves Zizi at the school house

April 29 1926

Former Crown Prince Carol of Roumania kept his "former morganatic wife," Zizi Lambrino, "waiting at the schoolhouse this afternoon, according to the Chicago Tribune. The prince failed to appear at the boarding school to give his son Mircea "the proper identification for the morning roll call."
Zizi Lambrino, "now a buxom, bourgeois mamma, without makeup or the usual princess feature," waited patiently for several hours, while her 6 year old son "gazed mournfully at the gloomy looking schoolhouse and fervently hoped his father would not arrive," so he could continue to have his lessons at home.
The school's principal reiterated that Mircea must "have a last name," and he could not enter the school as "Master Hohenzollern" unless this name was authorized by Mircea's father.
Zizi wants her son to be officially recognized as Mircea Hohenzollern so he can be accepted as a member of Carol's family.
Prince Carol did not appear. A French hussar was "dispatched to ferret out the love nest" where Carol and Magda Lupescu are in hiding, and "give the former crown prince a summons to appear in court on May 11 to show just cause why he does not consent to give his son his real family name."
Zizi burst into tears when she realized that Carol would not be coming. She told a reporter: "He is running around all over town drinking and speeding in his automobile with that woman," she sobbed. Zizi wiped her eyes, and "dabbed at a mouth untinged with lip rouge."
"I guess papa isn't coming -- let's go," Mircea said, taking his mother's hand.

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