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The 2022 Braemar Gathering

The Duke of Rothesay represented the Queen at the Braemar Games, held at the Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park in Braemar, Scotland. Queen Elizabeth II is the Patron of the Braemar Games. The Vice Patrons are His Grace the Duke of Fife, Philip Farquharson of Invercauld, and Capt. Mark Nicolson. These photos were taken by a friend Ken Stone. He is the copyright holder.

The Games are held every year on the first Saturday in September.

Hon. Katharine Fraser and Captain Mark Nicolson with their son, Alexander Fraser.  Kate, who is the Mistress of Saltoun, heiress presumptive to her mother's peerage, the Saltoun Lordship. They are waving goodbye to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Katharine's mother, Lady Saltoun is Chief of Clan Fraser.

The Duke of Fife, in conversation.  The Duchess of Fife is in the green suit on the right.

HRH The Princess Royal  TRH The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, His Grace The Duke of Fife

Juliet Rood, younger daughter of Kate and Mark Nicolson with her two sons, Albie and Edmund Rood

Edmund Rood, Freddie Morshead, Rory Morshead & Albie Rood, the Nicolson grandchildren

flowers presented by dancers to the Princess Royal and the Duchess of Rothesay

The Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of Fife @Ken Stone


The Princess Royal and the Duke of Fife Park is not named for the present Princess Royal and the present Duke of Fife.  

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 The park honors the first Duke of Fife and his wife, Princess Louise, Princess Royal.

Alexander Duff (1849-1912), 6th Earl Fife (Peerage of Ireland), 1st Earl of Fife, married HRH Princess Louise of Wales, eldest daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales (King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra).  On the morning of the wedding, Queen Victoria created Lord Fife as Duke of Fife and Marquess of Macduff.   In 1900, Queen Victoria created the second dukedom of Fife and earl of Macduff if the duke died without a male heir.    

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The couple had two daughters, Lady Alexandra (1891-1956) and Lady Maud (1893-1945).  A son, Alistair, Marquess of Macduff was stillborn in 1890.   In November 1905, King Edward VII named Louise Princess Royal and granted the title of Princess and style of Highness to her daughters, Alexandra and Maud.   In 1912, Alexandra succeeded her father as the 2nd Duchess of Fife and Countess of Macduff.  The other peerages held by her father reverted to the Crown.   In 1913, she married her mother's first cousin, Prince Arthur of Connaught.  Their only child, Alistair Arthur, 2nd Duke of Connaught, died in Ottawa, Canada in 1943.  

Prince Arthur's younger sister, Princess Patricia, married Hon. Alexander Ramsay, younger son of the 13th Earl of Dalhousie.  Their only child Alexander Ramsay of Mar married the Hon. Flora Frasier, now Lady Saltoun.  The Hon. Katharine Fraser is the eldest of their three daughters.

The 2nd Duchess of Fife died in 1959 and was succeeded by her nephew James, Lord Carnegie (1929-2015) as the third Duke of Fife.  He also succeeded his father as the 12th Earl of Southesk.  The heir to the dukedom now uses the earl of Southesk as the courtesy title, rather than the earl of Macduff.

 Louise and her husband were third cousins.

George III - Edward (Duke of Kent) - Victoria - Edward VII - Louise

George III - William IV - Elizabeth FitzClarence - Lady Agnes Hay - Alexander, Duke of Fife.

[Former Prime Minister David Cameron is a descendant of the 1st Duke of Fife's sister Lady Agnes Duff and her third husband Alfred Cooper.]

Queen Victoria - Edward VII - George V - George VI - Queen Elizabeth II - Charles, the Prince of Wales

Queen Victoria - Edward VII - Princess Louise -- Maud, Countess of Southesk - James, 3rd Duke of Fife - David. 4th Duke of Fife.

Queen Victoria - Arthur, Duke of Connaught -- Princess Patricia - Alexander Ramsay of Mar -- the Hon. Katharine Fraser.


Andrea said...

They all related.

Maybe Charles, Prince of Wales is related to his wife Camilla, is he?
Do you know something about this?

Greetings from Austria.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

There are probably other lines, but Charles and Camilla descend from the 2nd Duke of Newcastle from two sisters ...

Andrea said...

I read today, Charles II was related to Diana and to Camilla.


Greetings from Austria