Friday, September 9, 2022

Crown Prince Alexander remembers his Godmother

@Crown Prince Alexander 


Belgrade, 8 September 2022 - Deeply saddened by the news that HM Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms Elizabeth II passed away today, HRH Crown Prince Alexander issued the following statement of condolences: 

“It is with great sadness and grief that I have received the news about the death of my dear godmother, HM Queen Elizabeth II. I send my prayers, my wife and those of my family to Almighty God to give her everlasting peace in his Kingdom, and my deepest condolences to my dear cousins, His Majesty King Charles, and all other members of the Royal family of the United Kingdom. I share their grief in this difficult moment. 

I will always fondly remember her great spirit, wisdom, and courage. It is well known how important godmothers and godfathers are for us Serbs, that is a special, sacred bond, and that is why this is so difficult and hard for me. Her dedication to serving her country and the people was a bright example of the role of a monarch in today’s world. She will be deeply missed by her people and all the persons in the world who had the pleasure of knowing this amazing woman, a role model, and an inspiration.” 



Andrew said...

A lovely tribute. I sincerely hope His Royal Highness will be able to be present at The Queen's State Funeral.

princess said...

What a wonderful and heartfelt tribute. I hope he is able to attend the funeral.