Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Prince Johann Wenzel of Liechtenstein to marry Countess Felicitas von Hartig

@HSH Prince Johann Wenzel of Liechtenstein

"We are happy to announce that we got engaged on 25th of August 2022 during wonderful holidays in Sicily"  according to an announcement from HSH Prince Johann-Wenzel of Liechtenstein.

The bride-to-be is Countess Felicitas Claudia Ehrentraud Josefine Johanna Maria von Hartig, who is the daughter of Count Lukas Josef Erwin Johannes von Hartig (1964) and  Claudia Marieliese Edle von Toperczer (1965).  She was born in Vienna on April 10, 1994. 

Felicitas studied law at the University of Vienna, receiving both a bachelor's and master's degree, and now works for the  Austrian Ministry of the Interior.  She completed a second bachelor's degree in Art History, also at the University of Vienna, in 2021.  

Prince Johann-Wenzel Karl Emmeran Bonifatius Maria of Liechtenstein is the third of 5 children  -- and the elder son, of  HSH Prince Gundakar Albert Alfred Petrus of Liechtenstein (1949) and HRH Princess Marie Isabelle Marguerite Anne Geneviève of Orléans(1959).    He was born in Vienna on March 16, 1993. He attended the University of Montreal where he earned a BA in economics and politics. 

The Prince's mother, Princess Marie, is the eldest child of the late  HRH Prince Henri Philippe Pierre Marie of Orléans, Count of Paris, and his first wife, HRH Duchess Marie-Therese Nadejda Albertine Rosa Philippine Margarethe Christine Helene Josepha Martina Leopoldine of Württemberg,

Prince Gundakar is the second of seven children of HSH Prince Hans Moritz) Heinrich of Liechtenstein and Princess Clotilde of Thurn und Taxis.  Prince Hans Moritz's brother, Prince Heinrich married Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria, daughter of Emperor Karl and Empress Zita.

@HSH Prince Johann Wenzel

The Prince returned to England, where he attended The Oratory School, a Roman Catholic boarding school in Woodcote, near Reading.  he was admitted into the Royal  Military Academy Sandhurst, where he spent a year before serving for two years with the Coldstream  Guards.

In 2021, Prince Johann Wenzel received a master's degree in agribusiness management from the Rome Business.  He is now employed in the family business, Liechtenstein’sche Forst- und Gutsverwaltung, which is run by his father, Prince Gundakar.

The couple first met at a party in 2012, but it was not until 2017 when both were living in London that they met again.  This was during the time when Johann Wenzel was serving in the Coldstream Guards and Felicitas was completing an internship at Sotheby's.  

Before returning to Vienna, where they now reside,  Johann Wenzel and Felicitas lived in Paris and Lisbon.

The wedding will take place in the summer of 2023.


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Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

distantly - https://gothanjou.blog/2022/09/27/fiancailles-princieres-prinz-johann-wenzel-von-und-zu-liechtenstein-grafin-felicitas-von-hartig/?fbclid=IwAR1e_PUWollfczppWwXWWGfnw2gIgtJdwyXOlNq8fCKC9N6GVSiTXESIlWM