Thursday, March 10, 2022

Guards for the honeymooners

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March 11, 1922

Italian authorities are "taking extraordinary precautions" to make sure that the newly married Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles are not "unduly annoyed by the curious when they reach Italy," reports the Associated Press.

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 The honeymooners are expected to arrive by train tomorrow afternoon in Fiesole, which is three miles northeast of Florence.   But their "desire for secrecy is so great" that they  may drive from Fiesole to Pisa to avoid any crowds as they "desire to remain incognito."

Italian police will guard the Villa Medici, where the couple will stay for two weeks.  

The Princess and her husband are not expected to have any visitors but "members of the British colony  have received permission to "decorate the villa with flowers and to replenish them at intervals during the visit."


Bill said...

The Viscount looks good in these pictures. Not as old as he usually does in photos.

The Blessed Virgin said...

Did the Viscount get offered a title on the marriage, similar to Fife and Argyll upon their marriages ? I cannot find any mention in any biographies.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Why would he be offered a title, as he was heir to an earldom? His father was the 5th earl.
The earl of Fife received an upgrade to a dukedom. Princess Louise married the Marquess of Lorne, who was the heir apparent to the 8th Duke of Argyll. This dukedom was in the peerage of Scotland. In 1892, Queen Victoria created the 8th duke as Duke of Argyll as Duke of Argyll in the peerage of the UK, which is a bit weird because peerages of Scotland take precedence after Peerages of England. Peerages of Great Britain take precedence after peerages of Scotland. At the bottom are the peerages of the United Kingdom.

John was the 9th Duke of Argyll and the 2nd the Duke of Argyll