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Baby rumors for the Queen

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 March 2, 1952

Is Queen Elizabeth II expecting a third child?  Pregnancy rumors have been "hinted delicately" by two London newspapers "that there will be no coronation until late in the summer of 1953."

The Associated Press reports that "no one was so blunt as to say that the Queen was pregnant.  The Sunday Pictorial wrote about "rumors of a sentimental nature."

These rumors began to "spring from a visit by Sir William Gilliatt the famous gynecologist to Clarence House."   Sir William visited the Queen the "day after her return from South Africa."   

Sir William was present when Elizabeth gave birth to her child, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

The Sunday Pictorial added: "The Queen has often said she would like a family of four."

The Sunday Express indicated that "July was the Queen's deadline for participation in any such public event as a coronation."

Both newspapers reported the rumors "very discreetly on inside pages."  Maintaining its "usual dignified silence," Buckingham Palace has not responded to the newspapers' reports.  It should be noted that the Palace did not announce the Queen's pregnancies until four months before she was due to give birth.

Queen Elizabeth is 25 years old.  Her two children, Prince Charles, were born in November 1948, and Princess Anne in August 1950.

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