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A noble engagement: Waldburg-Zeil & Pachta-Reyhofen

Countess Tiziana von Prachta-Reyhofen (Linkedin)

 Count Constantin von Waldburg-zu Zeil and Countess Tiziana Pachta von Reyhofen recently became engaged in Argentina where they were on holiday.  

Their wedding will take place on July 1, 1923, in Vienna.

Countess Tiziana Gea Katharina Alice  Prachta von Reyhofen is the eldest of five children of Count Erasmus Alfons Wilfried Pachta von Reyhofen and Marie-Therese Lippert.  She was born on November 26, 1994, at Vienna Austria.

She attended the Gymnasium der Dominikanerinnen school in Vienna, where she graduated in 2013. During the 2010-2011 school year, Tiziana was a student at the  Northern International School in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she earned her International Baccalaureate.

After graduation, Tiziana spent a year at St. Joseph's University in Beirut where she studied history, culture, mid-east politics, and religion.  

After returning from Lebanon, she was a student at Schule für Logopädie in Munich, Germany, training to be a speech pathologist.   This was a three-year program that ended in 2017.     The countess received a Master of Science in Speech Pathology in 2021 from the University for Continuing Education in Krems, Austria.

During her time in Lebanon, the countess was a part of the Order of Malta Caravan, where volunteers combine learning a new culture and language and working with disabled people

Her father, Count Erasmus, known as Rasso, is the president of the Order of Malta.

Tiziana currently works as a speech pathologist in Munich, Germany.

Her aunt,  Alice Lippert, married Count Bernhard of Stolberg-Stolberg in 1998.

Count Constantin  Maria-Carl Christoph Raimund Teresianus Antonius Willibald  is the fourth of five children of Count Clemens  Franz Erich Thomas Wunibald von Waldburg zu Zeil and  Princess Georgina Maria Agnes Philippine Elisabeth Ignatia of Liechtenstein.  His older brother, Count Maximilian, is the future head of the house of Waldburg zu Zeil, as the present Prince of Waldburg zu Zeil, Erich, is the father of five daughters.  He was born on August 7, 1994 in Berlin.

He has a BA in Business Administration  (201from the University of St. Gallen.

Constantin's father, Count Clemens is the head of the German Red Cross.  His mother is a first cousin of Duchess Mathilde of Württemberg, who is married to Erich,  Prince of Waldburg zu Zeil.

The newly engaged couple shared several common ancestors.

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very distantly through Johann Georg II, Fürst von Anhalt-Dessau 1627-1693 and Johannes Maria, Graf von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee 1661-1724.

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