Thursday, March 24, 2022



@HRH Crown Prince Alexander

" On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the beginning of NATO aggression on Yugoslavia in 1999, HRH Crown Prince Alexander sent his message, that the innocent victims of this madness must never be forgotten, and that the consequences of this terrible aggression are still hurting. 

“Twenty-three years have passed, and our people, our country, are still not fully recovered from the terrible aggression that occurred during those tragic 78 days in 1999. The suffering of innocent people, so many lives lost and destroyed, from the terror that was imposed upon all our citizens, keeps wounds hurting and the memory of this tragedy fresh.

This was an unprecedented event of total aggression in Europe since World War Two, that was not authorized by the United Nations. Once again, regrettably, it is confirmed that violence only produces more violence and pain. And innocent people are those who always suffer the most.

The memory of this aggression needs to remain alive and fresh; we must never forget all those that tragically fell as victims of this madness. They always must be in our minds, our hearts, and our prayers. We owe it to them, but also us, so that tragedy like this can never happen again”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander in his message."


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