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Princess Mafalda of Bulgaria to marry longtime boyfriend

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Princess Mafalda of Bulgaria will marry her longtime boyfriend,  British financier Marc Abousleiman in May, reports the Spanish weekly magazine, Hola.   The couple will wed in a civil ceremony in Mallorca, where Mafalda's mother, Rosario Nadal was born.  

Marc Camille Abousleiman was born in Lebanon, although raised in the United Kingdom,  He is the son of Camille Abousleimanm, who served as Lebanon's Minister of Labor in 2019-2020, and Marie-Christine Riachi.  Camille is now a corporate finance lawyer with Dechert LLP in London.  

Several sources state that Marc was born in London in June 1994, but this has not been confirmed.  He has a younger brother, Pierre-Chaker.

HRH Princess Mafalda-Cecilia of Bulgaria is the eldest of three children of Kyril, Prince of Preslav, and his wife, Rosario Nadal.  She was born on July 27, 1994, in London and she has two younger siblings, Princess Olimpia and Prince Tassilo.

Prince Kyril, the second son of King Simeon and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria married María del Rosario Nadal y Fuster de Puigdórfila on September 15, 1989, at the Almudaina Palace, Palma de Mallorca, a former model and muse for the Italian fashion designer, Valentino.

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 They lived in London, where Kyril, a Princeton graduate, worked as a financial analyst.  They separated in October 2009 but stated they had no plans for divorce.   Since 2017, Prince Kyril has been involved with British businesswoman Katharine Butler.

Mafalda and Marc first met as children, when both attended the center,  but they went their separate ways until 2014 when the princess was accepted at the Berklee of College of Music in Boston where she studied vocal music.   It was in Boston where Mafalda and Marc's paths crossed once again, and this time they fell in love.  Marc was studying at  Harvard where he received a BA in Computer Science and a background in Economics.  

Marc is now a Vice  President at Further Global, "an employee-owned private equity firm that makes investments in businesses within the financial services industry," based in New York City and Toronto.  He is also completing his MBA at Harvard Business School.

In early 2021, the couple, who have been together for nearly eight years, decided to leave New York City and move to Madrid, where, according to Vanity Fair, they have "embarked on a new course."   They both "feel comfortable" in Spain, and often visit Kyril's house in Porreras in Mallorca.

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Princess Mafalda recently said: "For me, Spain is Mallorca.  Despite being born in London, if you ask me about my origins, I feel Majorcan.  I've been going to the island all of my life at Easter and in the summer, and I wrote one of my first songs there when I was 14 years old."

The couple has not said why they have decided to eschew a church wedding.  The princess was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and Marc was raised in the Maronite church, which is in full communion with the Roman Catholic church.

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 Last July,  Marc joined Mafalda's family including her siblings, her mother and father, and his companion, Katharine Butler, who attended her concert in Palma.

Princess Mafalda is the first of King Simeon's grandchildren to marry.


Maria Olivia said...

Nearly All the Children of King Simeon are divorced. Such as the Children of infante Polar and the Duchess of Alba

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

None of Simeon's kids are divorced.

Miriam is a widow, as Kardam is deceased.
Kyril and Rosario are separated
Kubrat and Konstantin are still married to their wives as is Kalina is married to her husband.