Thursday, January 20, 2022

Iñaki admits affair

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 Earlier today,  Iñaki Urdangarin, the disgraced brother-in-law of King Felipe VI, admitted to an affair with Ainhoa Armentia, 43, an accounting specialist at Imaz & Acociados in Vitoria, Spain.   

He was met by the press when he arrived at the office, where he doing a community service project as a part of his sentence for embezzling and money laundering.

"These things happen," he told reporters.  "It is a difficulty that we will manage with the utmost tranquility and together as we have always done."

It is understood that Infanta Cristina has known about her husband's latest affair.  She and her older sister, Infanta Elena, ceased to be members of the Spanish Royal Family when their brother, King Felipe VI succeeded to the throne after their father, King  Juan Carlos' abdication.  

The two sisters retain their right of succession, but no longer carry out official engagements on behalf of the Royal House.  Their profiles were removed from the official Casa Real website soon after Felipe's accession. 

Soon after her husband was investigated for corruption in Barcelona, Cristina and her four children moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where she got a job with Caixa Foundation.   She is the Director of the International Department of the Fundación ''la Caixa''.

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 Armenia arrived at the office shortly after Iñaki but declined to comment.  According to several reports, she is said to be separating from her husband.

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