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Queen Mary's nephew seen as Dutch consort

January 5, 1922

The Earl of Athlone and his wife, Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, were given a "prominent appearance" at Queen Wilhelmina's official New Year's reception, giving rise to the "apparently well-founded rumor" that Lord Athlone's son, Viscount Trematon, is "regarded as a "probable candidate for Princess Juliana's hand."

The New York Times reports that Lord Athlone and Princess Alice and their children are staying with Queen Wilhelmina, "where the young people are brought together frequently."

Although Crown Princess Juliana is 11 years old, there is already "considerable speculation" about her future husband," but no names have been mentioned until now.   Lord Trematon is 15. 

The Athlones stood next to the Queen at the reception, where Princess Juliana made her first official appearance.   Queen Mother Emma hosted a luncheon for the Athlones, which was also attended by Queen Wilhelmina, Prince Hendrik.   The Athlones' two children, Lady May Cambridge, and Lord Trematon, were also invited along with Princess Juliana.

There is "no doubt" that the Dutch would welcome a "rapprochement with England and the English royal family."

Lord Athlone is a younger brother of Queen Mary, consort of George V.  His wife, Princess Alice, is the daughter of the late Duke of Albany, and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

[The New York Times' correspondent appears to have missed the true connection between the Athlones and the Dutch royal house.  Queen Wilhelmina and Princess Alice were first cousins, as their mothers were sisters. Alice was close to her Dutch cousins.)

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Hopewell said...

I doubt he'd have been a contender since he was a hemophiliac and would have passed the gene to his daughters at least....