Thursday, January 6, 2022

Red Aunts may be kicked out, too

January 6, 1948

The Romanian government has ordered the "remnants of the country's royalty to follow King Michael in exile," reports the New York Times, even though the two principal remaining representatives -- Princesses Elisabetha and Ileana -- collaborated so closely with the Russians that they became known as the King's 'Red Aunts.'"

Princess Elisabetha, 52, is the former Queen of Greece.  She divorced the late King George II, in 1935.  Princess Ileana is married to Archduke Anton of Austria, and the mother of six children, who are with her in Romania.

Only several days ago, Premier Petru Groza told reporters that the two princesses were free to remain in Romania, but it now appears that the Communists "decided that the Princesses must go and told them to liquidate their assets."

The two princesses are now in negotiations for the sale of their properties and "industrial investments."  It is also not sure how many of the Princesses' staffs will be allowed to leave them with them.  It is "understood that passports for a list approved by the Government will be issued on Thursday," and a special train "bearing the last of Rumania's royal family" will depart, "perhaps on Saturday.

The two princesses are sisters of former King Carol.  Princess Ileana's husband has been accused of "having collaborated with the Germans, although he has never been tried."

The New York Times reporter, who is in Bucharest, also notes that the Rumanian people have not yet been told by "the press and radio" that Michael has abdicated and is now out of the country.  But the Bucharest newspapers are continuing to "report scenes of wild rejoicing throughout the country over the proclamation of what is officially described as the 'Popular Republic.'"  

The reporter also notes in his dispatch that "any evidence of great rejoicing, or even fervent enthusiasm, seems to have escaped" his notice.  He added that it is becoming "more clear that any centers of resistance if such exist in this Communist-dominated nation, are afraid to manifest their opposition."

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