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Princess Jolanda's engagement to archduke denied

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 February 2, 1921

The Washington Post is reporting that the rumored engagement of Princess Jolanda of Italy, the eldest daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena, to Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria has been denied.

This dispatch piqued my interest as I tried to find out who this Archduke Franz Ferdinand was.  I checked the Gotha and could not find any Archdukes with the first name of Franz or Ferdinand or both who were in the same age group as Jolanda (1901-1986).   She married  Giorgio Carlo Calvi, Count of Bergolo in 1923.


Ludo said...

could it be Joseph Franz (1895-1957) of the Hungarian branch? in 1924 he married Anne of Saxony. Ludo.

Terry Reinheimer said...

Archduke FF's son Maximillian would be almost exactly her age tho. Maybe a early 20th misprint?

Marc23 said...

There were few of them with the name Franz (not first though) included that were of similar age with Jolanda and that were not married in 1921 when the article was published:

* Archduke Joseph Franz of Austria-Hungary (1895-1957) ⚭ Princess Anna Monika of Saxony in 1924

* Archduke Wilhelm Franz of Austria (1895-1948), died unmarried

* Archduke Anton Maria Franz of Austria-Tuscany (1001-1987) ⚭ Princess Ileana of Romania in 1931

* Archduke Albrecht Franz of Austria-Teschen ⚭ Irene Dora Lelbach in 1930; Katalin Bocskay de Felsö-Bánya in 1938; Georgina Lydia Strauss-Dorner in 1951

I didn't find any Archduke with the first or middle name Ferdinand that is of similar age with Jolanda. So, it may be one of those mentioned above.

Clara said...

I have found the same piece of news in "La Vanguardia", an Spanish newspaper: (29th January 1921). --"the Stefani agency strongly denies the rumor circulating these days that the engagement of Princess Yolanda to Archduke Franz Joseph was to be held soon".

Thomas Benjamin Hertzel said...

Franz Ferdinand Friedrich Ernst Josef Karl Leopold Mauritius Hubertus Maria, Duke of Hohenberg (1927-1977)?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thomas. look at the date of the article. 1921