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King Gustaf will not bar grandson's marriage

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February 3, 1931

King Gustaf V will not place "further obstacles in the way of the marriage" of his grandson, Prince Lennart, who wants to marry Karin Nissvandt, the daughter of a Swedish industrialist, reports the Associated Press.

Prince Lennart will lose his royal titles and his succession when he marries the 20-year-old Miss Nissvandt  His grandfather objected to the marriage "solely upon a desire to preserve the dynasty.

Lennart, who is the only child of Prince Wilhelm and his former wife, Grand Duchess Marie, is 21 years old.  Although he will lose his royal rights, he will not be a pauper. He will receive the estate on Mainau in Lake Constance, which belonged to his late grandmother, Queen Victoria.

He plans to continue his agricultural studies and live on the island and manage the property as a "German country squire."    The prince says he does "not care" what title he will have after his marriage.  He does not know if he will be titled Prince Bernadotte like his great uncle, Prince Oscar, the second son of King Oscar II.   

In 1888,  Prince Oscar married a Swedish noblewoman Ebba Munck af Fulkila, who was a lady-in-waiting to then Crown Princess Victoria.  His parents were not pleased when he told them that he was in love with Ebba and wanted to marry her.  The immediate consequence of his announcement was the loss of Ebba's position as she was dismissed as a lady-in-waiting.  The couple married in Bournemouth, England on March 15, 1888.   

Oscar was named Prince Bernadotte on the wedding day. His uncle, Adolph, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg gave Oscar the personal title of Count of Wisbor on April 2, 1892.

Lennart could be created a count or be known as Mr. Lennart Wilhelmson.  He said that as he will be living in Germany, a republic since 1919, where he acknowledged that "titles are of little value."

He is more concerned about the health of his fiancee, who is suffering from influenza.  Yesterday the couple exchanged betrothal rings in the presence of Miss Nissvandt's parents.

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