Thursday, February 18, 2021

A new QVD Welcome to the world, Jerrine Lee


Congratulations to Saygan Habsburg Libtow and her husband Mike Libtow on the birth of their daughter Jerrine Lee Libtow.  Jerrine was born earlier today at her parents' home in Webberville, Michigan. 

all three photos: @Saygan Habsburg Libtow

New mom and Jeri are doing well.  Big brother Wulferic,9,  slept through the birth.   As you can see from the photo, Wulf already adores his baby sister.  

Mom was in labor for less than three hours.  

Jerrine weighed 9 lbs 10ozs and is 22.5 inches long.  Her first name honors her late grandmother, Jerrine Habsburg, the wife of Archduke Stefan of Austria, who was better known as Stefan Habsburg, who worked for General Motors for many years and was a naturalized American citizen.

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Saygan's two dogs, Remy, a coonhound, and Mabel, a pit bull mix, are also happy to have a new little sister.  According to the new mom, Remy won't leave Jerrine's side.

Victoria - Alfred - Marie - Ileana -Stefan - Christopher - Saygan - Jerrine

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