Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Queen Alexandra will not attend her son's Coronation


February 2, 1911

Queen Alexandra will not attend her son, King George V's Coronation, reports the New York Times.   Rumors of "friction between the Dowager Queen and Queen Mary" first circulated in London after King Edward's funeral but have not been published in the British press.  These rumors have "obtained wide currency nevertheless."

Some of  Queen Alexandra's actions have tried the patience of her son and daughter-in-law.  She remained in Buckingham Palace long after the "time when, according to custom," she have moved and the King and Queen moved in.  

The Dowager queen also issued "statements in proclamation form," referring to "her dear people."

There are also rumors that there will be two courts as Queen Alexandra, who does not want to be styled as Queen Mother, "aspires to outshine Queen Mary.

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Bridget =) said...

wow, is this true? did she have a change of heart?