Monday, February 1, 2021

Bavarian images


with Luitpold and Albrecht

In 1868 Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria married the future King Ludwig III.  They were the parents of 13 children.  The postcard does not identify which of their seven surviving daughters.   Crown Prince Rupprecht (1869-1955) was their eldest child.

Marie Gabrielle with three sons, Luitpold (1901-1914), Albrecht (1905-1996) and Rudolf (1909-1912)

Prince Luitpold (1821-1912) was the regent for King Ludwig II and King Otto.  His son succeeded him as King Ludwig III.

Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria (1878-1912) was the youngest daughter of Karl Theodor, Duke in Bavaria.  Her sister, Elisabeth, married King Albert I of the Belgians.  She died before her husband became Crown Prince of Bavaria

These images are from my collection.

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