Friday, December 7, 2018

Netherlands will give up Wilhelm

December 7, 1918

The Netherlands will hand over former German Emperor Wilhelm II and his eldest son, the former Crown Prince, to an international court of justice, if the Allies insist, reports the New York Times.

However, the Dutch will suggest that "Herr Hohenzollern and his son be placed on an island in either the East or West Indies, where they will be guarded by a Dutch fleet."

The former Crown Prince was interviewed by the Associated Press today.  The interview has "drawn out displays of anger" from the local press in Munich. 

In the interview, Wilhelm wrote to a friend last March that he had "witnesses with great anxiety how Ludendorff undervalued the power of the United States."  The Crown Prince did not have any influence although he tried several times to "get a conference on important matters, but was prevent by Ludendorff.

It was no secret that there was a "conflict between Wilhelm II and his son.

One German newspaper wrote in response to Crown Prince Wilhelm's interview: "if the former Crown Prince really made such statements he has done his reputation a bad service.  His belated excuses and attempts to clear himself make such a disgusting impression that no one will need to grieve over his flight to Holland."


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