Friday, December 14, 2018

Autopsy ordered for von Goess victims

From Facebook - other media also using this photo

A court in Mistelbach, Lower Austria, has ordered autopsies for the three victims of a family shooting at Schloss Bockfliess.  The autopsies will take place next week.

Count Anton von Goess, 54, has confessed to killing his father, Count Ulrich, his stepmother, Countess Margherita and his younger brother, Count Ernst.  The murders took place yesterday afternoon.     He was interviewed today by the police.  The interview took place in the presence of a lawyer.

It is understood that a family dispute led to the murders, although until the count is tried and found guilty, he remains an alleged murderer.

He married Barbara Grüber in 1997 but none of the reports his wife.  One of the photos on the Schloss' site show Anton with a young man?  Perhaps he has a son.

The dispute may have been over money.

Count Anton will undergo psychiatric, toxicological and forensics tests.

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