Thursday, December 13, 2018

Count Anton von Goess arrested in three murders

Count Anton "Tono" von Goess was arrested earlier today in Mistelbach, Lower Austria, following the shooting deaths of three members of his family.

The three family members who have been killed are Anton's father, Count Ulrich von Goess, 92,  his stepmother, 87-year-old Countess Margherita von Goess (nee Cassis-Farone) and his younger brother, Count Ernst. 52.   Count Anton is 54 years old.

The murders took place at the Schloss Bockfliess in Mistelbach, the Goess' family home.

Count Johann Anton Adam von Goess is the second child and elder son of Count Johann Ulrich Anton Maria Josef Konrad Nikolaus von Goess and his first wife, Countess Maria Margarete von Abensberg und Traun, who died in 2010.  A year later, Count Ulrich, married Margherita Mautner von Markhof.

In 1997, Count Anton married Barbara Grüber.

Count Anton was arrested "without resistance" at Schloss Bockfliess.   It was about 2 p.m. when a neighbor heard the shots and immediately called the police.

The motive for the murders is believed to be a dispute over money.  A hunting rifle was allegedly used to kill all three people, according to the police.

One local resident, an elderly woman, told police that she had never of domestic conflicts within the family.  She said they were very social people.  A family member who lives near the the schloss told the police that family was active in the community.  "They've done a lot, especially for the church," she said.

Countess Margherita is the grandmother of Sophia Mautner von Markhof, who is engaged to marry Otto-Friedrich, the 6th Prince of Castell-Rüdenhausen.

Count Anton also has an older sister, Countess Marie Jeanne, who is married to an African American Arthur Peoples. Marie-Jeanne converted to Islam when she married.  They had four children, Mohammed,  Alia, Alawia and Alisha.  The family lived in Saudi Arabia for some years.   Anton offered congratulations on Marie Jeanne's Facebook account, following the birth of Alawia's son, Noah, who was born on June 25, 2018.   Alawia is married to Hani Othman.   Alia is married to an American, Leslie Lincoln. 

Count Ulrich's niece, Countess Maria Theresa von Goess, the daughter of Count Johann Zeno von Goess, is married to Hayo Wilms.  Their son, Antonius, is the husband of Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau, daughter of Prince Jean of Luxembourg.

Another first cousin of Count Anton von Goess is Count Moritz von Goess -- son of Count Ernst-Friedrich von Goess -- who is married to Duchess Fleur of Württemberg. 

Counts Ulrich, Johann Zeno and Ernst-Friedrich are three of 10 children of Johann Anton Douglas , Count von Goess, (1892-1970) and Countess Marie Valerie von Meran (1902-1990).

Less than 24 hours, Count Tono posted several times on his Facebook account about security due to increased terror during the holiday season, the riots in Paris and immigrants.