Saturday, December 15, 2018

Count Anton von Goess: insanity plea

The lawyer for Count Anton von Goess, who is accused of murdering his father, his stepmother and his younger brother, spoke to the media earlier today.  He said that his client has "outer and inner tumors" that can create issues in stressful situations.

Last fall,  Count Anton underwent emergency surgery after doctors had found a tumor on a pulmonary artery.

Count Anton, 54, apparently had a dispute with his father on December 13.  The lawyer claims that "these tumors press and cause terrible headaches, which is followed by a certain amount of confusion.  He said that his client remembers that he committed the murders, but not the order in which he fired his hunting rifle.

It was not until later that Count Anton realized what he had done, according to his lawyer. "He hated his father like the plague, he was a terrible tyrant," said Peter Philipp, the attorney.  "He did not care for his stepmother but he loved his brother."

Philipp added that his client told him that Graf Ulrich "terrorized the entire family and there was another quarrel on Thursday.   "He also could not explain why he killed his brother, with whom he actually lived in the best terms."

Last Monday,  the two brothers visited a local supermarket, where a cashier told a reporter that they "were joking and normal, but of course, as an outsider, you do not know how it was in your home."

A woman told the police that she heard a loud bang at around 2 p.m.  Count Anton told his lawyer that he had called the local police.  He was arrested at his home and the murder weapon was seized by the police.  The owner of the shotgun has not been determined.

Count Anton will remain in custody at the Korneburg Prison.  The autopsies on the three victims are expected to be carried out on Sunday with results expected on Monday at the earliest.

Details about the funerals have not been announced.