Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sophie summoned to brother's bedside

January 13, 1916

Queen Sophie of Greece has been "summoned to the bedside" of her brother, German Emperor Wilhelm II according to a wireless dispatch from Rome, and reported by the New York Times.

Wilhelm's illness is said to be serious. Queen Sophie is said to "depart at once for Berlin."   A dispatch from Amsterdam reports that the Emperor "is still abed suffering from his throat and a fever has set in."  No source is given for the information about the German Emperor's health.

On the other hand, a wireless dispatch from the Berliner Tageblatt reiterates that German Emperor is "suffering from a boil, which does not prevent him from walking out."

Former Chancellor Prince von Bülow is said to be returning to Berlin after a "sojourn in Switzerland."  He was summoned to attend a council which will be presided over by Crown Prince Wilhelm, and deal "with the measures to be adopted" if the Emperor's illness "is prolonged or an operation unsuccessful."

Other reports stated that is is "absolutely impossible to obtain information, even through diplomatic sources, regarding the Emperor's health.  Even the usual optimistic reports are now being withheld."

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