Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Carol now a commoner

January 5, 1926

Although there may be uncertainty surrounding the "exact, present and future status" of former Crown Prince Carol of Romania, he has received a new passport and a new name.  According to the Associated Press, Carol will be known as Mr. Scarlat Mondstireanu, a name taken from one of his Romanian estates.

Carol is still staying at the Hotel de Ville in Milan, Italy, and remains "much in the company" of Magda Lupusecu, who is said to be the "woman in the present marital difficulties which estranged" the former prince from his wife, Princess Helen.

Magda is described as "young and beautiful and of striking appearance."  She is reported to be trying to "obtain severance of her marital bonds" from her husband, a Romanian officer.

She is said to be "taking her position" as Carol's companion with "nonchalance."

Carol's 4-year-son, Michael,  is now the Crown Prince of Romania.

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