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Romanian government puts the kibosh on Prince Nicholas


 January 8, 1926

The Romanian government is keeping Prince Nicholas, the younger son of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie, on a tight leash before he gets "too much notoriety," reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Bucharest's minister in Paris has ordered Prince Nicholas, 24, to not go to a "brilliant dinner-dance" at the Hotel Majestic given by Mrs. Hilda Forester Agar, a "beautiful young Englishwoman," recently divorced from one of the most wealthiest Argentines.

Mrs. Agar and Prince Nicholas have often been seen together, and she has taught him "to dance the Charleston."  He was eager to show off his "fancy stepping before friends in the early hours of the morning" at the Nero, a Montmarte night club, where the in-crowd goes for breakfast and champagne after a long night of partying.

King Ferdinand and Queen Marie were not not pleased with Mrs. Agar's invitation which read that the party was in honor of Prince Nicholas.   The guests included members of the "smart set of French society circles" and the "elite" of the British and American colonies based in France.

At 8:00 p.m., the Romanian minister called Mrs. Agar to say that that prince would not be able to attend her soiree, as he was suffering from a "diplomatic illness."  He pointed out that in "view of the publicity" in connection with former Crown Prince Carol's renunciation of his right to the throne and the fact that Prince Nicholas would be one of the regents for Prince Michael, now 4, until he became of age.  He hoped that Mrs. Agar would understand that King Ferdinand believed it "would be better if his son did not attend the dance."

Mrs. Agar also received by messenger a personal letter  from Prince Nicholas, "bearing his personal regrets."

Latecomers to Mrs. Agar's party noted, however, that they saw Prince Nicholas dining with a "well-known woman" at Ciro's.  These statements caused "considerable gossip."

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