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Countess von Salm Hoogstraeten closes her home

January 13, 1926

Countess von Salm -Hoogstraeten, the former Millicent Rogers,  "today suddenly gave orders to board up her beautiful home, Waikiki, in Palm Beach, Florida," reports the Associated Press.

This decision is certainly connected with her marital affairs and the custody of her 15-months old son, Peter.

Workmen have been busy "crating furniture, nailing up windows," and sealing the Countess's winter residence.

Countess Salm remained inside "for most of the day," protected with her little son" by a "cordon of armed detectives.

It is not known where the Countess will be heading, but it is understood that she will not be returning to New York where her husband and his mother have been staying since they arrived from Europe for the sole purpose of seeing young Peter.

When queried for the reason of the Countess' departure, detectives declared only
"that it might be the best plan."  They also hinted that the Countess and her retinue would arrive "at a certain well-known hotel for an indefinite stay" on or about January 15.

Mary Millicent Abigail Rogers was born on February 1, 1902, the daughter of Henry Huttleston Rogers II, whose father founded Standard Oil, and his wife Mary.    Millicent is an heir to her grandfather's wealth.

She married Count Ludwig von Salm-Hoogstraeten in a New York court house  on January 8, 1924.   At the time of the marriage, the count was described as a "gold-digging Austrian count."  He was an unemployed film actor.

Count Ludwig was born at Homburg on February 24, 1885.  His first marriage to Anne-Marie von Kramsta took place in 1909, and was dissolved by divorce.  He is the eldest son of the late Count Alfred von Salm-Hoogstraeten and Baroness  Adolfine von Erlanger.

Millicent gave birth to a son, Peter Alfred Constantin Maria, on September 25, 1924.  The couple had legally separated not long before the birth of Peter.

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