Sunday, December 28, 2014

Prince Bernard zur Lippe joins German Navy

Prince Bernard zur Lippe is the first member of his family to serve at sea for more than 400 years.

The 19-year old prince is the eldest of six children of Prince Stephan and Princess Marie zur Lippe, who live in Detmold.   Prince Stephan is the heir to his father, Prince Arnim, the current head of the zur Lippe family.

The young man is now serving as a member of the crew of the Gorch Fock, a training ship based in Kiel.  He was recently visited by his parents and his sisters, Luise and Mathilde.  In November, Prince Bernhard sailed to Malaga on board the Gorch Fock.

Prince Bernhard is committed to serving in the military for twelve years.  He also plans to study aerospace engineering in Munich.

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Gary said...

I commend the young prince for committing to serve his country. I find it interesting that - even on a local news website - an item about a member of the former reigning family is still considered newsworthy. Are the Lippe family still prominent in their former lands?