Wednesday, December 3, 2014

German government undecided about former Kaiser's fate

December 3, 1918

Hugo Haase, the People's Commissioner for Foreign Affairs at Berlin, told a correspondent of The Express that "the German Government is still undecided as to how to deal with the former Emperor and the Hohenzollerns.  I think they may be sufficiently punished by the international odium they have incurred."

According to the New York Times, the new German Government has "consented to permit a number of Hohenzollern princes" to leave the country on the condition that "they leave their fortunes behind them."   They have "accepted the conditions" and most plan to leave for Switzerland, Denmark or Holland."

Prince August Wilhelm, the former Kaiser's fourth son, and his wife, Alexandra Viktoria, are making plans to go to Argentina, "as soon as possible."

Former Empress Auguste Viktoria has "apparently recovered from her recent indisposition," and has been seen walking with her husband on the grounds of the castle at Amerongen.

It is also being reported, "on good authority," that the former Empress "contributed largely" to her husband's decision to abdicate his throne.  Her "confidential informants gave an unrosy account" of the political situation in regards to the throne.

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