Thursday, December 4, 2014

DNA test for Jessica's son

The court proceedings between Hereditary Count Ludwig zu Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee  and Indonesian celebrity Jessica Iskandar has entered a new phase, according to a new article in the Indonesian press. (I use Google translate so I am not sure how accurate this is.)

The article says Ludwig either wants or is challenging the request for DNA testing to prove that he is the father of Jessica's infant son, Barack Alexander.

Jessica's attorney told reporters that they welcome the DNA testing.  The testing can be done only if Ludwig is willing to return to the country.  (He is said to be in Singapore.)  Jessica believes that the tests will prove that Ludwig is the father of her son .. and proof of their relationship together.

Iskandar's lawyer also said that they have the evidence to prove that the marriage is valid, and will refute Ludwig's arguments.   The Hereditary Count has filed a suit, asking for an annulment of the marriage record, stating that the marriage is false and never took place.   Jessica Iskandar's lawyer will prove that the marriage certificate is valid.

2 comments: said...

If the child is his, it is surely not his family's consent and not acknowledged as such as house rules determines it, depending on the family concern. If it turns out to be his, it would likely not obtain the style of Count and not be an heir to the Family distinctions.

Saying that, other Germanic families are more forgiving then others. So unsure if Ludwig's family has strict laws of marriage and heirs entitlements.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The marriage was not registered with the German embassy, as German nationals are required to register foreign marriages. This marriage would not be valid, according to German law (and the civil marriage is the legal marriage in Germany.) A foreign religious marriage would be legal if a legal ceremony in another country (but the German national has to have the marriage registered by German officials to make it valid in Germany