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Grand Duchess Victoria ready to return home

December 15, 1924

Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna of Russia is spending her last day in New York City. She sails for Coburg tomorrow.

In the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf-Astoria earlier this evening, the Grand Duchess spoke to the New York Times and other members of the press.  Standing on a Persian rug, the Grand Duchess, "graciously beaming as she surveyed the visitors."  She was dressed in a "silvery gown" with the "lustre of a necklace of exceptionally large pearls." She wore a peach cloche, which "concealed her blonde hair."

"I leave tomorrow, and  am sorry to be off.  Americans everywhere have been so kind to me. It is with the greatest regret that I am leaving and it is with a feeling of real friendship for all Americans I have met.  I have loved every moment I have met.  I have loved every moment of my stay here -- everybody has been so kind."

In response to the differences between American and European society, Victoria Feodorovna said: "I found you so extraordinarily well informed.  I have learned a lot since I have been here -- much more than you know."

Another reporter asked "How did you find sentiment here for the old regime in Russia?"

"I have found a very friendly sentiment for all the troubles they have been through."

"Did you find a sentiment against the Soviets?"

"I don't think people here appreciate that regime," responded the Grand Duchess, a British princess by birth.

But when she was asked about a possible restoration of the monarchy, the Grand Duchess, whose husband, Kirill, is the proclaimed head of the family, backed off, saying political questions were not allowed.

This trip "had been social only," was the response. 

One of her ladies-in-waiting came into the room, and reminded the Grand Duchess that she had another engagement, and after murmuring her regrets, Grand Duchess Victoria hurried off.

Tonight she will attended the Metropolitan Opera for a performance of "Andrea Chenier."  Afterward, she and her guests will go to Sherry's, where the Monday Opera Supper Club, will give the Grand Duchess a "farewell reception.   It was under their auspices that she came to the United States.

Tomorrow, she will sail to Paris on the SS France. She will spend some time in Paris before traveling to her home in Coburg, Germany.

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