Friday, December 5, 2014

Belgian rulers are in Paris

December 5, 1918

King Albert and Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians and their eldest son, Crown Prince Leopold, arrived in Paris today, where they "received a hearty welcome," reports the New York Times.

Their train was decorated with Belgian and allied flags, and reached the Bois de Boulogne station at 2 p.m. 

There were crowds along the entire route, despite the "dull and gray"weather.

King Albert was dressed in the uniform of a Belgian General.  Crown Prince Leopold wore a "private's uniform," Queen Elisabeth wore a "tan-colored coat with a gray fur collar and a ton toque."  She sat next to Madame Poincaré in an open carriage, and "smiled happily as women and children in the throngs threw flowers into the carriage."

The Royal family traveled to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then went to the Elysee Palace to pay their respects to French President Poincare.   Tonight they are attending a reception for the Belgian community and diplomatic corps the d'Orsay Palace, which will be followed by a dinner at Elysee Palace.

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