Thursday, October 31, 2013

Statement from Crown Prince Alexander


Statement by the office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander regarding media inquiries about little Tijana Ognjanovic

Belgrade, 31 October 2013 – In reference to the case of little Tijana Ognjanovic and due to many media inquiries, the Office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander is issuing the following statement:

“HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation has been helping all those in need for more than two decades. Thanks to HRH Crown Princess Katherine’s connections with the Houston Health Centre, which she visited last year during the charity event for Serbia, Her Royal Highness managed to reduce the price of the heart transplantation surgery, from 1 million US dollars, which had originally been agreed between the Hospital and the parents, to 700,000 US dollars, and to provide the family with the complimentary accommodation and transportation for as long as it was needed in the US, as well as a Serbian friend to be at their services in terms of communication and translation. The Royal Couple was extremely saddened by the death of Tijana, they attended her funeral and expressed their deepest condolences to her family.

Her Royal Highness and the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation have never had any accesses to the bank account, or to any of the transactions that took place between the Houston Health Centre Texas and the parents, which were strictly between them, and confidential under doctor-patient privilege. Therefore, we cannot comment on any of the matters other than this statement is about.  

However, Their Royal Highnesses are strongly supporting the idea, and find it necessary, that if any funds have remained from any humanitarian action as such, they should be used to support other sick children in Serbia”.

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