Thursday, October 24, 2013

Royal Christening Photos

As I certainly cannot afford Camera Press' reproduction fees (and I won't violate copyright), here is a link to the four photos by Jason Bell (Camera Press.)

This inquiring mind wants to know why someone, perhaps the photographer, did not notice that the Queen refused to be separated from her handbag.


Michelle said...

just out of curiosity, i have a question about the pictures you post. clearly you did not take most of them (with the exception of some in more recent decades). under them, you say they're in your collection. so i assume that means you have copies in your possession. you post those, but not the new ones because they're copyright. why do you post the old ones? (i'm not asking in a critical way, i'm just curious & trying to understand the difference. is it that you have a physical copy of the pictures or what?) in any case, it's always nice to see pictures that you post which i would not otherwise see. i especially like these Christening/generation ones!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

My postcard collection includes more than 8000 postcards from the 1890s to the present.

Photos taken before 1923 are out of copyright. Photos taken between 1923-1960 may be in copyright but the burden is on the person who wants to use the photo. It depends if the photographer or agency renewed the copyright. Anything after 1960 - in copyright, and the laws have become more stringent. A photo you or I take (yes, your family snaps)are protected by copyright law because you own the image. The protection extends for your lifetime plus x number of years (it may be 75 or 90 or around there after your death.) This also applies to the written word, drawings, etc. If I use a more recent photo, either I took it (and I own the copyright) or I have received permission to use it from the photographer or the agency. I sold images of AD Imre's wedding to the Washington Post and several other places. I contacted the photographer who took the recent Merode wedding photos to see if I could use a photo, she said yes, but I would have to pay 30 euros a month for the photo. Said no thank you. I also have a very large photo collection, and I am careful about what I can and cannot use without permission. I may have the print in my collection, but I do not own the rights to use in publication without permission.